Professional Services

White Glove Services:

We know time is your most precious commodity and while GXP will certainly save you time in the long run, setting up a new account may take time you do not have. Our experts are ready to help you get to the good stuff even quicker. Our professional team can assist in setting up, customizing and implementing your account. Depending on your needs, we have a plan that will save you time, ensure accuracy and help you get GXP up and running quicker & easier than you ever imagined.

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Professional Support & Training:

GroupEx PRO Clients receive extensive onboarding support, complete with step by step video tutorials, a comprehensive instructor manual, a complementary onboarding call as well as a convenient, complementary training webinar for instructors that is available every month.

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Integrated partners:

GroupEx PRO has extensive experience integrating our real-time live schedules with major app providers such as Net Pulse / Club Apps, MiGym, Guidebook and Reach Media Network. This is a complimentary service offered to existing customers.

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