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Real-time Schedules

Provides a real-time, easily updated schedule for both instructors and members. Allows you to seamlessly notify members of subs and schedule changes while allowing them to view schedules into the future. Sort by day, class type, instructor or location for customized viewing. The schedule can be easily embedded on websites, integrated with member facing apps, and even displayed on digital signage.

Managers can opt to add icons, logos, videos, instructor bios, and headshots to the schedule making the experience even more interactive for members. Additionally GXP's reservation feature provides a simple interface for members to sign up for classes, as well as communicate with those participants.

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Sub Management

Provides a workflow for requesting and approving subs. Instructors post open classes, and others simply click to let you know their availability. Once approved, all instructors involved are notified and the sub information appears in real time on the internal calendar and member facing schedule(s). Instructors can stay current with their sub assignments via the Instructor Dashboard and reminder notifications that are sent 24 hours in advance. Emergency sub situation? Push out a notification via the GXP Instructor Tools App.

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Class Performance

Managers have a one-stop shop for recording numbers and determining class value. With the GXP System, a quick method for pulling weeks, months or days of data across several sorting options exists. Additionally, Managers can give Instructors the ability to add their class numbers from any computer or smartphone.

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Program Performance

The Program Analysis Tool (PAT) and Penetration Report offer the ability to view impressive reports overlaying penetration, club visits and class attendance. Visually compare class performance based on a wide selection of criteria and date ranges (week day, time, class, instructor, category, location).

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Payroll Report

Pull a master payroll report calculating total hours taught and total cost for each instructor. Reports are calculated based on hourly or class pay rates, and you can add custom pay rates based on specific categories. GXP generates a report of all pertinent information needed to make processing payroll simple.

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Streamlined Communication

A central location for department wide communication; instead of sending out long emails that never get read or possibly are misplaced, send short snippets and easily track who read the notice. Instructors can ask questions or comment as needed (within individual notices). All posted queries are located within notice threads to avoid confusion and always at your fingertips for reference.

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Contact List

Alphabetized Contact List and personal Contact Card for individual instructors. Track custom information and receive reminders (such as certification expiration) based on date, send emails to groups of instructors and view GroupEx PRO activity statistics for objective performance review throughout the year.

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Instructor Dashboard

A one-stop shop for instructors to manage their personal schedules, sub requests and opportunities, as well as personal certification information. Instructors will always know classes they've agreed to sub, which personal sub requests are outstanding and scheduling details in one convenient location.

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Provide members the opportunity to register for classes directly from your up to date online schedule. GXP makes it easy to sign up, claim a spot on the waitlist or cancel a reservation. Managers can set attendance limits, as well as define when registration opens. Print reservation lists and email registrants for class updates and changes.

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Discussion Forum

Create community with your team by providing an area for collaboration on fitness topics and beyond. Strategically separated from managers' notices, instructors have the ability to begin or weigh in on conversations that matter.

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Reference Materials

Easy to access 'library' for all important documents and information for your team. Ensure your team has access to the most up to date reference materials available with no need for downloading or saving emails. Take the guesswork out of employment by conveniently storing all necessary details in one collective spot.

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We are proud to integrate with a number of major fitness mobile app vendors as well as electronic fitness center displays.

The class schedule can be displayed on your website using a simple embed code or redirect link. We also offer an open API, making it easy for your web designers to modify the appearance of the schedule to meet your design requests.

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Instructor App

Instructors can keep up-to-date while on-the-go. The free Instructor App provides many of the same features as the desktop version, including ability to request subs, respond to sub requests, enter class numbers, read notices, and receive push notifications for urgent correspondence.


  • Stop sending countless emails daily and receiving numerous 'reply alls' throughout the week that clog up inboxes.
  • Always know that every team member is in the know (or have the ability to be in the know!)
  • Get back hours to manage your Group Ex Program by doing away with mundane administrative tasks.
  • All communications are housed in a single web-based location that is accessible on computers and smart phones.
  • Management can communicate with instructors, and instructors with each other, through private online forums and bulletin boards.
  • Optional daily email notifications keep instructors up-to-date on new posts.
  • Gain control of your Sub process by using the Sub Board to review and approve Subs. Managers and instructors have a complete view of all sub activity.
  • Save money and time by eliminating paper sign-ins, physical sub boards and printed schedules.
  • Live, real-time schedules make constantly updating your website a thing of the past. Members get live information on subs, schedule changes and events on your website, and even their smart phones.
  • Provide members the ability to reserve a spot in your most exclusive classes.