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PODCAST: Demystifying Group X With Technology

The Fitness Industry Technology Council takes an in depth look at the current landscape to demystify the common misconceptions at the intersection of group fitness operations and technology solutions.

I Need More Time

Ever feel like you get to the end of the week and you didn't accomplish anything you set out to? Where does the time go? Let's chat ... THREE AMAZING TIPS that will have you headed in the right direction when it comes to finding more time in your day.

Didn't You Read??

Are you sending out great communiques to your team on an ongoing basis only to find there's AT LEAST one that never seems to get the memo??? THREE AMAZING TIPS to increase viewing, comprehension and initiate action in your team!

Her Class Isn't HARD Enough

Have members that trap you in the locker room to complain that a class isn't hard enough? What do you do? THREE AMAZING TIPS to make members understand it's GROUP FITNESS and help them take control of their workouts and let your instructors (and you) keep their sanity.

The Group Fitness Trifecta

What are you measuring to determine the worth of each instructor on your team? Receive a quick overview of what Shannon calls The Group Fitness Trifecta: three must measure items to get the most out of your team. Summer is the perfect time to rethink your strategies for incentivizing and recognizing your team!

Creating Community

In order for your team to create a community within your club, it's important to create community internally, first! Of course, it's tough bringing people together that may or may not EVER see one another. But, it can be done and it must be done if you expect to have the greatest product around. Review three tips for eliminating 'mandatory' quarterly meetings, making the most out of daily communication and how to get your team 'talking'!

Sub Solutions

Do you have a sub list a mile long? And, still, you have trouble with some instructors not being able to find people to cover their class from time to time? We'll review the TOP THREE tips for eliminating your sub list and creating a win-win situation in the sub department for everyone! It's time to make your life easier as we head into the fall.

Share & Compare

Perhaps you've invested tons in licensed programs in the name of consistency and quality programming. In case you haven't, or you're searching for a way to keep your non-branded programs on track, we should talk! Learn THREE QUICK TIPS for encouraging sharing and comparing within your team to elevate the quality of all programs and instructors. Your members will appreciate the consistent messaging and a coordinated effort.

Are you an MVP?

Learn to increase your influence at your facility by raising your stock with both managers and members. What do (or SHOULD) managers look for when hiring instructors, selecting instructors for certain time slots or opportunities, or even when deciding on pay raises? Explore the TOP 10 Traits of Group Exercise MVPs to increase your opportunities both within and outside your facility.

Exit Strategies

The title may shock you ... yes, I believe in always thinking about your exit strategy. Instructors and trainers often do not take the time to envision what life will be like in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, with one child, multiple children, when their spouse retires, and so on. We do a great job at living in the moment and maximizing our earning potential in the now, but how far have you glanced in the future? In just 30 minutes you'll have a clear understanding of WHY you need an exit strategy, a quick fix plan for beginning to develop your exit strategy, and an understanding of how your exit strategy might even be better than your current strategy!

How Many Plates Can You Spin?

A 30 minute discussion to help you examine your current roles and responsibilities, how you divide your time and energy and determine if you can do things differently to STOP juggling and START spinning.

Meetings Made Easy

Meetings are something we need to do on a regular basis to keep our life moving forward and to keep our plates spinning. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of planning and leading successful meetings to get your team excited and engaged!

Why January 1 Should NOT Change Everything in GX!

Everyone believes that January 1 should be the month of big change in the fitness world: new classes, new programs, new schedules. Come learn why January is the LAST month you want to add 'new' things to your schedule. Not only will you reclaim your sanity during the holiday months, but your members will thank you!

How to Keep Crowds into February

January is the best month for Group Fitness. Tons of bodies packed in rooms trying every class you've got. But, we always fear February! How can we build on the momentum in January and find ways to help our staff KEEP the crowds until Spring Break. Learn 3 tips for motivating your team to UP their game with newbies and keep your rooms packed for good.

Hiring Superstars

Let's be honest; there's no 'secret' to hiring superstar instructors. But, there is a way to ensure that you have a steady flow of 'talent' ready to go when a slot opens up. Spend thirty minutes with us and walk away with 3 key steps to creating a repeatable system for always having a staff ready for action.

Rent to Own

When you find a great instructor that has availability, it's always tempting to put her down for a predictable Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 am schedule and call it good. Be warned ... did you know this could actually equal disaster for your program, your team and your members?? Spend thirty minutes exploring why diversity is key for all involved and how evenly distributing class loads is the quickest way to create a program that will have everyone raving! We'll review the top 3 'rules' for diversity in scheduling that will ensure instructor dependence becomes a thing of the past.

Catch 'em Doing Something Right

With a mobile workforce that is extremely part time and hardly ever together, it's tough to find time to catch your team doing things right. Sure, you start your emails with praise, sandwich the tough stuff in the middle and finish with a glowing salutation, but do you think it's possible that they're on to you??? Praise is a currency and it takes planning to make sure you're spreading the love in our unique environment. Learn the top 3 ways to make sure you've set the stage for catching your team doing things right to help make it easier to accomplish big things!

Sharing Should be Sparing

Let's face it, some classes are harder to cover than overs. Many times, it seems like the easiest solution is to 'share' the class between two instructors. In this 30 minute webinar, we'll discuss the potential downside to this popular trend, and find ways to share that could make it better for everyone involved.

Movement to Mastery (Part I & Part 2)

Remember stumbling through your first group fitness teaching experience realizing you had 20 minutes left and you were all out of moves? What did it take to move from those days of conscious incompetence to where you are now?  And, what will it take to move towards MASTERY? We will discuss the benefits of Mastery and how to enlist the help you need to continue to move forward in this industry. Leave with a road map to on the journey from movement to mastery.

Summer Time Blues

Summer can be the best of times or the worst of times for Group Fitness. With the average participant dealing with a relaxed summer schedule, kids at home, longer daylight and vacations, attendance becomes sporadic. Even the most seasoned professional can become disheartened and lose their spark during this time. So, what's a GIRL (or guy) to do??? Use this time wisely ... during this webinar, we will explore the top three things you should be focused on for the next 6 weeks to make sure your fall is the best ever.

The Fitness Professionals Creed

A perfect thought as we roll in to the New Year ... very soon, you will have plenty of fresh faces mingling (sometimes not so peacefully) with your veterans. What's a girl (or guy) to do? It's always challenging to meet the needs of folks that have been regulars for years with those that are scared to death but set on making this year the year it happens. Finish out the year with this motivational conversation that will leave you with FIVE guiding thoughts that should help you throughout your year to make the biggest impact in changing the world one person at a time.

Time Management Should be a 4 Letter Word?

Learn the myths and misconceptions surrounding time management and how to make the most of your time. This course will teach you how to prioritize your projects and get more done!